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Step-by-Step Guide: Arrange Flowers Like a Pro

We all think about setting the table with fresh flowers when we're hosting a party, but one of my resolutions that I'm trying to keep this year is to keep fresh flowers in our home at all times. It is such an easy and simple way to bring life and beauty into our homes, especially during long winter months.  Not only does it make the house feel alive, but I get great pleasure out of making the arrangements myself.  I love to pick up seasonal flowers from the grocery store and make simple arrangements myself.  Usually, I make a small arrangement for the kitchen table, then I will put a single bud in a small vase by my kitchen sink, on the bedside table and on the side table in the living room.  

Flower arranging can be a fabulous hobby to begin - the supplies investment is minimal (fresh flowers, scissors & a vase!) and you can start small.  For some reason, most of us believe that only professional florist can make a flower arrangement.  It is true that they know many tricks and techniques that help them make beautiful arrangements, so today, I'm sharing floral design tips that I use at home that I learned from my years planning events and weddings.

Step 1:  Buy the best looking flowers - typically whatever is in season.  I usually shop at the grocery store for flowers, but if I need something special I order the flowers from florists and ask that they sell them to me pre-processed.  Often, they'll give you a great discount if they don't have to do anything to the flowers or arrange them.  Try to stay within 2-3 colors for the best looking arrangement.

Step 2:  Select an interesting vase.  I tend to stay away from traditional vases and opt for something with character like this copper bucket - I also love using pitchers.  Try to select a container that is low and wide as this typically makes the best looking arrangements. 

Step 3:  Begin with the largest flowers.  Trim the stems so they fit nicely around the vase, crossing in the middle.

Step 4:  Keep adding flowers and create a around shape.

Step 5: Fill the gaps with smaller bunches of flowers. Putting them in bunches of colors keeps the bouquet looking natural.

Step 6: Continue with all of the colors.

Step 7: Pull the green leaves out to let them show - this also makes the arrangement look more natural.

Step 8: Finally, add a small flower like this white wax flower to add texture.

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