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Time to Write a Book

Whether your life is slowing down or speeding up, there’s no time like the present to batten the hatches, tighten the belt, and get to work on all of the many projects that happen to be on your personal bucket list. Did you know November is National Novel Writing Month? If you’ve always wanted to write a book, but simply could not find the time, today is the perfect day to begin in preparation for November.

Don’t get bogged down in the idea that this is going to be a difficult task. The best way to tackle writing your book is to break it down into segments that are easily managed. Use the tips below to get you started. As you complete each one of them, you will see just how easy it is going to be to get started on your first chapter. 
The Benefits of Brainstorming
Brainstorming offers many advantages for any number of tasks, but in particular, it is quite useful in the endeavor of composing a book. In general, brainstorming helps people to come up with innovative concepts and ideas that they can use in a specific activity. It can be used to help you develop the storyline for your book, opening up possibilities that you may not have thought of without it. For the best results, you should consider brainstorming on at least two separate occasions to encourage a broader base of ideas. 
The Advantages of Developing an Outline for a Book
There’s no doubt as to the advantages of having a clear outline for your book. The outline provides the plot that your storyline is going to follow. Some people find it easier to simply write up a summary of what they want the book to be about first, and then, they break it down into an outline that they can follow. 
Once you have the basic outline for your book, break it down even further, expanding main points in mini-outlines that you can refer to as you compose each chapter. You can also include the following pieces of information in your notes: the total number of pages you are aiming to write and the number of chapters.
Do You Need a Fact Sheet?
It is important to check any of the facts that you intend to state within the pages of your book. Use reputable sources to check each fact. If you can enlist the help of someone, such as a friend, sibling, or spouse, who enjoys doing this kind of thing, do so. However, you can always perform this fact checking on your own as well. Even if the book is a piece of fiction, any historical information that you include needs to be accurate.
Choosing a Title for Your Book
The title should reflect the focus of your book. It should be short rather than long and wordy. It’s a good idea to check whether or not the title has already been used by another author. If it has, then you may need to tweak it so that it is significantly different.

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how can i publish/sell my book?

Yehudis G. Oct 2012 |

The name of my book is In Spite of it ALL

Luz M. Oct 2012 |

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