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A Picture Can Be A Powerful Inspiration


Inspiration to me often comes in the form of a photo.   Pictures have the power to promote dreaming and can ultimately help achieve a long term goal.   A picture of the ocean or lake can bring thoughts of a beach vacation or travel during retirement.   Photos of older couples can give us hope for longevity in our own relationships.  Photos of people running may nurture thoughts of participating in a marathon.  When I see pictures of “mature” adults in any form of healthy activity (e.g., walking, running, bicycling, swimming, yoga, etc.), I try to picture myself doing those activities and staying fit for years to come.
For me, my current picture in my head is of me kayaking.  We live near a quarry and I can just imagine myself quietly paddling on the quarry (my “go to” place for calm and relaxation). I think it could maybe be a new sport for me.  It’s one thing to think about kayaking and another to take steps to make it happen.    So… my husband and I have started making inquiries.  We asked questions about kayaks on Facebook and we investigated them at our local sporting goods stores.  There are all kinds of these boats.  While we are not quite ready to buy one, we do hope to attend one of the store’s monthly demos to try a few kayaks out for ourselves.   My new athletic passion might not become kayaking, but the pursuit of it, has moved me forward in my quest for a new, healthy and fun activity. 
I also get inspiration for being more creative from looking at pictures in magazines or on Facebook and Twitter.   I especially love to see flower gardens.   A creative outlet for me in the past has been gardening.  Since moving 2 years ago, I haven’t fashioned much of a flower garden.  The new terrain (mostly woods) and less time on my hands has challenged me to pursue other forms of outdoor landscaping that are easier to manage.  I miss my flower gardens.  So I’ve rediscovered window baskets.  My husband put one under my front window so I can see it daily.  It isn’t my typical flower garden, but it works for now.   
   Can a picture really inspire us to be creative or to do things which make us happier and healthier?  I think so.  What photo inspires you?

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people in action, clouds, sunrises, sunsets, buildings,...

Carolyn J. Aug 2012 |

Peace Poles with their message: "May Peace Prevail on Earth"

/home/cousins/Pictures/From cell phone_20120725/Peace is Patriotic.jpg

Terry C. Aug 2012 |

Thanks for your comment Carolyn, I like your visuals. Thanks too Terry for commenting. Sorry I couldnt' see your picture but I too have a peace pole and you're right, that message is very inspiring. How about uploading your image to the well-being facebook page. Thanks again!

Fran D. Aug 2012 |

Pictures of my family inspire me. Seeing joy, surprise, determination or other expressions in my children's faces evoke memories and emotions. I try to make sure I always have my camera now so I can capture the moment! It is surprising how many people don't use cameras anymore now that there are smartphones! KDF

Katy F. Sep 2012 |

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