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Make Your Dream Board An Affirmation for 2013

I love January.  It’s the start of a new year and many think it’s time to start anew. I am not one to make resolutions.  In fact making resolutions can be rather anxiety provoking.  Instead, I like the idea of making a dream board.   A dream board can be a collection of wishes, hopes, or expectations that speak to us. Coming up with things we’d like to do, place to visit, books to read, forms of exercise to try or continue to do, people to spend time with or items we’d like to own.  Want to exercise more or just start?  What type of activity do you already like to do or have wanted to try or do more of? Putting a picture of a golfer on your board can express the wish to improve your golf game or just play more. Do you like to read?  How about making a list of 4-6 books you’ve always wanted to read and place that list on the board?  Not sure what you want to read, look at the best seller list and read the descriptions.  You’ll know what sparks your interest from the reviews.  Maybe you have people in mind that you’d love to get in touch with or spend more time with.  How about adding their picture or names to your dream board as reminders to you to reach out to them?  Got a trip in mind?  My family is going to California soon to visit my step son and his fiancé. We are adding a list to our family dream board of the places we want to visit and things we want to do while in California.  Also on our family board is a picture of a red Ford Flex; a new car is in the future.

A dream board can be a powerful affirmation.  What makes you tick?  What excites you?  What is important to you and how do you know?  Sometimes looking through photos in magazines, newspapers, on line or printed photos can produce a reaction in us and provide clues as to what moves us or propels us forward.   For more ideas on how to create your own dream board, check out and click on the YOUTUBE Video How to Organize Your Printed Photos.  Happy New Year!


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