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A League of Your Own

Staying active is an important part of health and one of the best ways is through joining a sports league. The problem is many feel you need to have played a sport your whole life but people find sports to excel at many ages. Let’s look at a few to consider:


Sand Volleyball

This sport has a cult following for a reason—it’s a chess game where, except maybe at the highest professional level, height is not the factor you’d think it would be. A gift for positioning, creating spin and setting just so can make anyone an asset to a team. There are many leagues that are divided by age group and co-ed teams are very common—also, if you can’t get friends involved, a league can often can put you on a sub list and find you a team. It takes a little time to learn the rules on legal hits, but play in lower leagues and teams are more relaxed on them. You’ll find muscles you didn’t know you had, see your flexibility likely improve and may make some great friends in a sport that has become its own culture.



Now here’s a social game that truly can work off the calories—especially if you play singles. If lower level but you can at least return most lighter shots, they have 3.0 leagues. As you improve so will your rating and you will easily find people to play with. Sites such as and likely have players on it within a drive of you. Don’t be afraid to take a few lessons, often less expensive if it’s through your community. And, sometimes even a help can come through adjusting your racket. Though it’s fun to hit with power, if you find your shots are going long, have a local tennis center adjust your strings for greater control. Your serve may not have as much zing but now suddenly rallies become more than something you heard about on TV!



Don’t just enter any league as many make the mistake of thinking everyone is just out for a lazy Sunday of a good time—competitive softball is serious, high speed and it’s not for beginners. However, there are many relaxed leagues that really look at wins as secondary. As with the other sports mentioned, one thought is to get used equipment to make sure you love a sport. That softball glove and bat can get costly, so why not try a secondhand sports equipment store or eBay so that way if you change your mind then it didn’t cost you much change.


A League Just Takes Like-Minded

These are just a few sports mentioned but there are many others that may get your fancy. Bowling leagues are still popular and, though they may not be the same level of workout, it will still get your competitive fire going and is a fun social outlet. Or maybe you like tennis on a much smaller scale—like say the size of your basement—then a table tennis league might be perfect for you. Or consider any sport you’re interested in—Because even if there isn’t a league, you can form one with like-minded individuals. Look for those who like your sport on a site like or start your own group—or just ask your friends if they’d like to give it a try. You’d be surprised how many people want to try new things when they have other people they know to support them!

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