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Celebrate Your Union by Renewing Your Vows

by My Well-Being Presented by Humana on August 3, 2012


In a world where you seem to hear about people getting divorced as often as you hear about them getting married, it seems only appropriate to renew your wedding vows in celebration of your successful union. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, everybody’s parents were still married to each other, that is, unless one of them had died. Divorce wasn’t just unheard of, it was disgraceful. Even if someone wanted a divorce, no one wanted anyone else to know anything about it at all. 
Today, if you are one of the lucky couples who still happen to be married to each other after 5, 10, 15, or 20 years, then renewing your vows is the ideal way. If you decide to renew your wedding vows publicly, you have the option to select a location for the event to take place. The size of the event that you plan is a matter of personal choice, just as it was with your wedding. If you want a small event with just close friends and family, then that is what you should plan. Remember that the primary purpose of renewing your vows is to pledge your love to each other once again. Keeping that in mind, you may only want to invite a small group of the people who are important to the two of you.
The Legality of Renewing Your Vows
Since you are already married, no paperwork or applications are involved. You already have your marriage license and don’t need anything special to renew your vows. The entire event is symbolic in nature, and sentimentality is the issue not legality. 

Your vow renewal ceremony, however, can serve as a reminder to reexamine and update important documents that you might not have looked at since the first time you said “I do.” Set up a meeting with your accountant to make sure you’re taking advantage of all possible tax breaks as a married couple. And make sure life insurance policies and wills are updated to reflect your wishes that might have changed.

How to Renew Your Wedding Vows
Renewing your wedding vows privately is the simplest approach you can take to reaffirm your love and commitment to each other. You can do this anywhere and anytime. Just make sure that you plan a few special aspects to make it a memorable moment – a special dinner, flowers, and of course, the second honeymoon. 
If you prefer to share this special moment with other people, then you must select a proper venue. You have the option of arranging a religious ceremony in which your vows are blessed along with your wedding rings or you can keep the event simple without bringing in anyone to officiate over the renewal of your vows. Either way, rewrite your vows, tailoring them for your expectations of the future or the inclusion of children who may have become a focal point in your lives. Of course, you can always recite your original wedding vows if you still have them available.

Some churches offer vow renewal services as part of an annual celebration. Check if your house of worship is planning to perform the symbolic ceremony in the near future. You can be part of a larger event with your partner and other couples in the church to renew your vows and have your marriage blessed by a pastor or priest. Family and friends can be invited to witness the religious ceremony.


Forego the Party and Go on a Second Honeymoon
Let romance take over when you renew your vows. Pledge your love to each other, and then take off on a second honeymoon. Whether you go someplace exotic or not, try to select a location that appeals to both of you. After all, a second honeymoon provides an excellent opportunity to also renew your sensual interest in each other. If possible, plan to take at least a week for your second honeymoon so that you have some time to go sightseeing. 

You can also combine a second honeymoon and renewing your vows by planning an all-inclusive family vacation. Many resorts offer vow renewal ceremonies similar to their popular wedding packages. You can invite family and friends to come along and be part of the ceremony in paradise. Everyone will get a much-needed vacation, and you and your partner can choose to book a couple’s massage or other romantic activity after the ceremony to focus on each other.


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