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Getting Back On Track


Summer can feel like a series of celebrations from vacations to holiday weekends to family cookouts. The summer break is refreshing, relaxing and away from the daily grind. But without the regular routine of work and school, it becomes really easy to let all of our schedules go – like fitness and health eating habits.

Kids or no kids, the “back to school” force of Fall is a great time to re-start our routines and make new agreements with ourselves. We all know that children thrive and need a schedule to be successful and I honestly think we adults do as well. The hardest year I remember was the empty nest with NO back to school prep, schedules or shopping!  I was a little lost.

It didn’t take long for me to re-discover the adult version of fresh new notebooks and supplies – taking a few hours to reorganize my desk, revisit short and long-term goals for the year, making to-do lists and revisiting my  “three Rs” – re-commitment to a healthy lifestyle; realistic expectations of myself and others; and relaxing when my body and spirit tell me I need some time.

As the sun sets on our celebrations of summer, what are the “three Rs” that will focus you for the rest of the year?


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"Thanks so much for your comment, Carole. Hope that your new year is filled with health and happiness."
Anne M. — 6 days ago
"nice workout. I really needed to move around.. cold weather makes me lazy. I love a little varity"
Linda P. — 8 days ago
"Like the article. I've been doing just that. Getting high....on endorphins. Started last week trying to get at least 35 minutes on trea..."
Fran D. — 10 days ago
"Wow - what a great reminder to add to my New Year's Resolutions. You're right - it's rarely worth it in the long run to do most anything..."
Carole E. — 13 days ago
"I love the idea of hiding notes in unexpected places for a little surprise for the receiver"
Fran D. — 16 days ago