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We, Boomer Living (, can give you our corporate overview, our teams, our many degrees, publications, successes and personal / professional accomplishments, but we’d rather sit down with a cup of coffee and learn more about you. The BSLI team did not know each other 18 months ago. Totally different educational backgrounds, professions, cultural and religious backgrounds and geographic locations, and yet we came together by a shared passion for helping people, understanding innately the challenges that the world is placing on the person, our friends, our families, our neighbors, our churches, our communities and a call to a higher purpose. Using each of our God given talents and passions to create networks of peoples, organizations, and businesses all focused around one concept: Caring for and learning from one another, listening carefully on understanding your needs, your passions, your challenges, and your successes. Create value for you by putting knowledge, experience and tools in your hands so you can make quality life decisions that make a difference, and leave a legacy. Whether you are an adult child taking care of a parent or you are in transition yourself and seeking help, a trinket of knowledge from our network of resources can be the catalyst to make that quality decision for positive change. Or, you have knowledge and totally awesome experience with the willingness to help others in growing their livelihood, or just want to volunteer to make that difference, to leave that legacy and have great fun in the process! You have come to the right place. We have found in fact that when you are intensely focused on serving others without ego, without pretense, and understand a spiritual higher power of things as a guide, resources come your way. Our teams have collectively recognized this, even with the many diverse backgrounds and views we have. For many, the world is pretty scary. Some call it just crazy. There are cultural, environmental and economic challenges that affect you and the people around you every day. We can continue to complain about the politicians, big business, and the media, but we decided that instead of damning the darkness, we would simply light one candle. We have the opportunity of shedding some light and bringing good to Boomers and Seniors across the nation and around world, and would like you to get involved. You see, millions of candles burn much brighter than just a few and it is our firm belief that there are many out there waiting to be lit! Our desire is to challenge each other, our contributors, our collaborators our teams, and you to look deeper than “what’s in it for me”. Let’s all take care and ownership of how we can create solutions to our challenging future in doing some good. Let’s make our world a little brighter and a little less scary. Our bottom line is caring about you. Use our network of sites that can help you go and grow. Our contributors are made up of writers, educators, photographers, videographers, communicators and technical support expertise from all backgrounds and walks of life having something to give. Participate in one of our user panels to affect what we do, use the best in education, products and services we offer, and shape the direction we go and grow. Finally, take what you have gained and help another by lighting that candle in making a difference, leaving a legacy. Want to know more about us? Read up at!