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We, Boomer Living (, can give you our corporate overview, our teams, our many degrees, publications, successes and personal / professional accomplishments, but we’d rather sit down with a cup of coffee and learn more about you.

The BSLI team did not know each other 18 months ago. Totally different educational backgrounds, professions, cultural and religious backgrounds and geographic locations, and yet we came together by a shared passion for helping people, understanding innately the challenges that the world is placing on the person, our friends, our families, our neighbors, our churches, our communities and a call to a higher purpose. Using each of our God given talents and passions to create networks of peoples, organizations, and businesses all focused around one concept:

Caring for and learning from one another, listening carefully on understanding your needs, your passions, your challenges, and your successes. Create value for you by putting knowledge, experience and tools in your hands so you can make quality life decisions that make a difference, and leave a legacy.

Whether you are an adult child taking care of a parent or you are in transition yourself and seeking help, a trinket of knowledge from our network of resources can be the catalyst to make that quality decision for positive change. Or, you have knowledge and totally awesome experience with the willingness to help others in growing their livelihood, or just want to volunteer to make that difference, to leave that legacy and have great fun in the process! You have come to the right place.

We have found in fact that when you are intensely focused on serving others without ego, without pretense, and understand a spiritual higher power of things as a guide, resources come your way. Our teams have collectively recognized this, even with the many diverse backgrounds and views we have.

For many, the world is pretty scary. Some call it just crazy. There are cultural, environmental and economic challenges that affect you and the people around you every day. We can continue to complain about the politicians, big business, and the media, but we decided that instead of damning the darkness, we would simply light one candle.

We have the opportunity of shedding some light and bringing good to Boomers and Seniors across the nation and around world, and would like you to get involved. You see, millions of candles burn much brighter than just a few and it is our firm belief that there are many out there waiting to be lit! Our desire is to challenge each other, our contributors, our collaborators our teams, and you to look deeper than “what’s in it for me”. Let’s all take care and ownership of how we can create solutions to our challenging future in doing some good. Let’s make our world a little brighter and a little less scary.

Our bottom line is caring about you. Use our network of sites that can help you go and grow. Our contributors are made up of writers, educators, photographers, videographers, communicators and technical support expertise from all backgrounds and walks of life having something to give. Participate in one of our user panels to affect what we do, use the best in education, products and services we offer, and shape the direction we go and grow. Finally, take what you have gained and help another by lighting that candle in making a difference, leaving a legacy.

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     In this world,” American founding father Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” If taxes are indeed as inevitable as Franklin suggested, how do we make the best of our status as taxpayers? It starts w...
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     No one has to tell me anymore to eat my vegetables-especially squash which is actually fruit but because squash isn’t as sweet as fruit they are used as vegetables. I don’t care how they are classified. What matters is it is harvesting time in the garden. It’s time to gather what was able to grow under the smotheri...
  • Ginger for Heart Health and Circulation EAT | By Boomer Living, Oct 2012
     Ginger has been used for centuries and has long been viewed as a healing plant.  It is said that Confucius claimed never to eat a meal without ginger.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine ginger has been used in healing and prevention for thousands of years.  Gingers benefits are nothing new, but its appreciation is growi...
  • How to Get Ready for Love: I'm ready! LOVE | By Boomer Living, Oct 2012
      by David Steele   You're serious about finding the love of your life and you recognize you want love now and you're willing to do something about it. That's a great start!   Many single...
  • From the Driveway to the Drive-In ENJOY | By Boomer Living, Sep 2012
      You might not recognize the name but your life most likely has been influenced by the ingenuity of Camden, New Jersey’s Richard Hollingshead, Jr. who in May, 1933 received his patent and in June opened the first drive-in theater. Drive-in theaters quickly spread across the country. 
  • Honey for Healing EAT | By Boomer Living, Aug 2012
      Honey is known for its many healing properties. Many believe that adding unfiltered, unprocessed, unheated honey to your daily diet can alleviate arthritis, reduce heart disease, lower cholesterol and reduce allergies. Honey has also been known to calm an upset stomach, lessen cold symptoms, strengthen the immune system and pro...
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      You want to lose weight, and have been trying hard for months without success.   You've heard fitness people refer to 'eating clean' but what does that really mean?   The labels on hund...
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    In today's work-world, with high unemployment, limited job openings, and a challenging economy, it is critically important to learn how to articulate your value. You've got to "sell yourself" to the employer and differentiate yourself from other candidates. The best way to do this is to tell compelling stories that highlight tangible, measurable...
  • Use It or Lose It THINK | By Boomer Living, Jul 2012
     Many of us have heard this mantra over the years. Usually it’s used to refer to our bodies, especially our muscles.?The mantra is indeed true. If we sit around all day and don’t use our muscles, we will actually lose muscle girth, and therefore strength. We ...
  • 30 Top Tips and Tricks to Up Your Happy THINK | By Boomer Living, Jun 2012
    Acceptance is possible when you notice that the change you wanted in someone you love isn't showing up.  No one is happy every day all day long, so that is a relief for the part of you that likes perfection and fantasy.  Here is what the people in our groups shared that boosted their happy:
  • Preserving Your Family’s Financial Legacy SAVE | By Boomer Living, Jun 2012
    What did Heath Ledger, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, John Wayne, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Princess Diana, and Anna Nicole Smith all have in common? They all had lousy Wills – and because of this, their deaths left not just emotional turmoil for their friends and families, but also created financial uncertainty, legal battles, and expensive, ...
  • Leaving Your Life Legacy SAVE | By Boomer Living, Jun 2012
    My friend Jim lived a big life. All 91 years of it. After he peacefully passed last December, his daughter solicited stories about her father. Numerous times she had urged him to write about his forays into journalism, parachuting, the aviation industry, and film industry. But Jim never got around to it...
  • Personal Trainer on my Belt MOVE | By Boomer Living, Jun 2012
    Conventional wisdom says walk 10,000 steps a day, but it is hard to find the time and stretch those legs.  I am no exception; I spend way too much time behind my computer writing and not moving.  Let’s face it - as we get older we need some amount of exercise ev...
  • Exercise: How to Help Manage the Pain MOVE | By Boomer Living, Jun 2012
    Over the last two months I covered exercise and time, and exercise and money. This month I will discuss exercise in relation to pain. I often hear the following from patients: “Every time I exercise, I get hurt;” or “I hurt too much to even start an exercise program.”If you are in...
  • Focus on What You Want, Not What You Don't THINK | By Boomer Living, Feb 2012
    I once read something that I'll never forget: the mind says YES to everything you think.So whether it's:I can really work on this ‘bad' behavior to modify it, in order to be more effective in my work life, orI can change this ‘bad' habit in order to be kinder to myself, orI am really a perpetua...
  • Passing Down Vacation Property to Family SAVE | By Boomer Living, Feb 2012
    A family vacation home is a place of fun, memories and refuge, but when the matriarch or patriarch who bought the home dies, family members may to go to war over visitation rights and ownership of the property, which can be worth a significant sum. This is why it's important to include any vacation property as a part of the owner's estate...
  • Four Tips to Improving Your Credit SAVE | By Boomer Living, Feb 2012
    Repairing bad credit is not quite as simple as repairing your car or a broken vase. It can take years for your credit score to bounce back from a delinquency or default. And without a good credit score, you can find yourself fielding rejection notices when you apply for a loan or credit card. Or you could have to pay a significantly higher intere...
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