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  • Learn Less Stress Holiday Decorating Ideas PURSUE | By Jessica Barsch, Dec 2012
    Holiday decorating can be one of the most stressful elements of the holiday season. How often do we find ourselves tackling a monster to do list to prepare our homes for the holiday party or the dinner with family members? I know, I find this is the case more times than not. However, holiday decorating does not have to be so time consuming or diff...
  • Flower Arranging Is Easier Than You Think! PURSUE | By Jessica Barsch, Nov 2012
    Who doesn’t love to be surprised by a beautiful floral arrangement, drawing oohs and ahhs for the world to see! Freshly cut flowers are one of my favorite ways to brighten my home and say thank you to friends and family members. With the weather turning cooler, why not use your creativity indoors this month by designing a lovely flower arran...
  • Planning for Vibrant Colors During Winter PURSUE | By Jessica Barsch, Oct 2012
    With the cooler weather just beginning on the east coast, it is hard to believe that the winter cold and snowy weather is just around the corner. Though I tend to spend much more time indoors during the winter months, I enjoy the snow covered beauty that befalls my gardens during the winter season. Your gardens can continue to sparkle and stand ou...
  • Gardening: Sharing and Multiplying The Beauty LEARN | By Jessica Barsch, Aug 2012
     What inspires me to get outside and dig in the dirt? My fellow gardeners! I have always believed that you can learn more from your friends and neighbors that you can from most any gardening book. They have already discovered what plants thrive in your climate and do well in your soil. So, why not get inspired for the fall! Consider ...
  • Ease of Gardening LEARN | By Jessica Barsch, Jul 2012
    As an avid gardener, I cannot tell you the number of times that a neighbor has stopped by to chat while I am digging in the dirt. The neighbor will say, “I love what you have done to your yard! Or, your yard is so beautiful!” I always reply with, “Well, you can definitely do this too. It is not nearly as difficult as it looks!&...
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