"My favorite yogurt is Stonyfield Organic Smooth & Creamy. I get the Lowfat, Plain. A lot of lowfat yogurts contain cornstarch causing it..."
Nancy H. — Yesterday
"Have the 3 hours mapped out for this week. Walk in am, stretch during the work day (neck) jog in pm. Jeanne J"
Jeanne-Mar — 2 days ago
"Set up 3 hours for the week."
Jeanne-Mar — 2 days ago
"By all means read the labels, ran across one yogurt - claimed sugar free on the label, has high fructose corn syrup as thickener, not on..."
rick b. — 2 days ago
"I totally agree. Fage Greek yogurt is the best on the market - great taste and consistency - but it's more expensive than all other Gree..."
Gabriella — 2 days ago
"I would like to be commited (truly) to exercising regularly, as it becomes a part of my routine. I only exercise when I fell like it an..."
Veronica H — 2 days ago
"Nice article! Note: Fage 0% Greek yogurt not only tastes great and is very satisfying; it also has 3x the protein of regular yogurt - a..."
Gail R. — 2 days ago
"Great reminder and what a difference a few flowers make. It looks like someone cares. I do take time to fulfill my reading passion, earl..."
Katy F. — 3 days ago