"I'm scheduled and ready!"
Maria P. — 8 hrs ago
"I have my 3 hrs of workout scheduled. We have school track field 1 block from us, will start walking there daily."
Cheri K. — Yesterday
"I wasn't aware that these items helped a sleep deficiency but I really like most things listed. I'm going to try them all. Thanks"
Joe A. — Yesterday
"My birthday month arrives with My Well Being reminder to challenge myself with this great 30-day workout. It worked wonders for me last ..."
Betty S. — Yesterday
"I have scheduled my 3 hours for the week. thanks for the great tips."
julie l. — Yesterday
"Crocheting is one of my hobbies. I make primarily baby blankets, stadium blankets, sofa blankets and occasionally a winter cap or hat. "
Teri H. — 2 days ago
"I have lost 110 pounds, after using www.myfitnesspal.com for one year straight. Ann Elizabeth F."
Ann Elizab — 8 days ago
"Exercise scheduled and today's is done"
irene a. — 9 days ago